Alexis embarked on a presenting career in 2005 when he was asked to write and present THE REAL HUSTLE for BBC3.

He has appeared in 11 series of the Real Hustle and several specials for the channel, including THE REAL HUSTLE CHRISTMAS SPECIALHUSTLE AROUND THE WORLD and THE REAL HUSTLE – BEST EVER CONS.

Alexis has also presented items for WATCHDOG (BBC1) and BLUE PETER. In 2010 he appeared in CASINO WARS for National Geographic in the US.

In 2012 he produced and presented GAMBLING ADDICTION AND ME – THE REAL HUSTLER for BBC3 and BBC1, a documentary about gambling addiction focusing on young addicts in the UK.

In 2013 Alexis filmed a series he created- HUSTLING AMERICA for Channel 5 and National Geographic Channel and THE MIND CONTROL FREAKS for the Discovery Channel.

In Spring 2012 he was the consumer “champion” for ITV’s THIS MORNING. Currently Alexis is a regular panel member and stand in host for Channel Five’s THE WRIGHT STUFF.

 Alexis can be currently seen on MAN VS EXPERT a six part series for Discovery Channel across 224 countries.
Autumn 2015 saw SECRETS OF THE SCAMMERS a new three-part series hosted by Alexis for Channel 5.  The first episode became the best watched programme in the slot for the entire year.



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